Kolekcija: TU SAM

"I'm Here"

The "I'm Here" exhibition follows the artist's deep interest in the difference and similarities between us and world celebrities. It also exemines the complex relationships between art and the possibilities of success and popularity. The equality among human civilization Is symbolically represented with human body parts. Through the comparison of almost identical extremities of celebrities and common people, the artist deals with the complex issue of human self-perception. How well we know our capabilities and where our boundaries are is actually a question that naturally arises by presenting physical evidence of equality. To what extent do we create our reality and what is the x factor that stars have behind the scenes? What will particularly intrigue the audience is the fact that exposed specimens are casts of original body parts and are not recommended for those under 18s. Bukovsky, Brad Pitt, Madonna are just some of the names behind these exhibits. Divan is not inspired by the great minds of the world that have changed, or more precisely, influenced the advancement of the world, but by the averages of this population, which embrace some general norms in terms of physical and mental capabilities, but which are globally successful. What is connecting us to celebrities and what separates as well as what prevents us from equalizing if there are so many similarities in connection, one among many things that Ivan Divan questions.